Plant-Based Power was Founded in August of 2017.  This site is dedicated to people struggling with health issues caused by the processed foods they eat.  Our goal is to educate people on eating a well balanced Plant-Based diet.

We strive to encourage and help people to develop a plan to become stronger by choosing the right foods to eat.  Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer are taking the lives of too many people before their time.

Please be sure to tell your friends and family.  Watch for the Blog posts and comment if you feel led.

Thank you

Michael A. Ross Jr.



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  1. So Glad to see your website! God Bless You for the work you are doing by promoting a Plant-Based lifestyle, in order to help protect people health and to help them reverse and in some cases, reverse illness and disease thru optimum nutirition!! Have an awesome, healthy, day!


    1. Thank you for that lovely comment. Blessings to you as well…I will be uploading more content this week…

      New recipes, A new Vegan Hot Spot and more…


  2. Connie says:

    Awesome, I’m on a 14 day fruit and veggies would you add this veggie base sausages to your diet for some of your days?


    1. We have not had it yet, we are eating it tonight for dinner. This is a treat for us. We typically try to stay with the Fruits, Vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seeds. But I am sure they will be delicious.


  3. Winnie Westbrook says:

    Glad to reconnect! I eat little meat already…sweets problem for me!


    1. That is fantastic, I am not against anyone eating meat. If that’s their choice. I’m more focused on the quantity of meat that this country eats.
      I don’t eat it for health reasons and it’s hard for me to digest.

      I still do sweets, but Vegan sweets, Ice cream made with bananas, chocolate pudding made with tofu, we really have to get creative. But we feel much better health wise.


  4. MyThighsHoldContinents says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you are serious about this I can help with that…I do offer fitness health…


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