Plant Protein vs Animal Protein

I’ve been doing some reading up on the differences, and here is what I learned.

AN vs PL

Animal  Protein, Fatty Meats like Beef and Bison take at least 4-5 days to digest, depending on the persons system, how much was consumed, and what was consumed in addition to the meat.

A persons body needs all 22 types of Amino acids to function correctly. There are Nine Amino Acids the human cannot produce.

  • histidine,
  • isoleucine,
  • leucine,
  • lysine,
  • methionine,
  • phenylalanine,
  • threonine,
  • tryptophan,
  • valine.

Therefore we have to get them from foods that we eat.  Lets continue to take a look at the differences between Animal vs Plant Protein.

There are several sources of complete Animal Protein, like;

Fish, Meat, Dairy and Poultry (Chicken and Turkey)

Most Proteins are missing one of the Nine, Essential Amino Acids, so we need to make sure we get the right combination of foods.

Plant Protein, like quinoa and buckwheat are complete sources of Protein.

Depending on the type of Plant Protein, some may take longer to digest than others.  For example; Nuts may take a little longer to digest than Quinoa.  So it is important to make sure you are eating a well balanced Plant Based Protein Diet.

Plant Protein Rich Foods are things like.

  • grains
  • lentils
  • nuts
  • beans
  • legumes
  • certain fruits, such as avocados
  • soy
  • hemp
  • rice
  • peas

Of Course I am leaning more towards the Plant Protein as it is generally better for your body.

Animal Protein leaves me feeling sluggish and heavy. There are many other reasons why Plant Protein is better for you, like they help to build your immune system, and give you the energy to fight on diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves about the importance of a well balanced Plant Based Protein Diet.

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