When we lose our way…

One of the biggest reality check I have to face, is that knowing at any time I can easily fall right back into my old ways. Eating the fast food, snacks like chips and soda.

In fact since the move to Chesapeake, I have actually done just that. I’ve fallen off the wagon. Still working out, but the difference I am seeing when I do eat the meat and the meat and dairy, is I started to see a lack of energy and inflammation has taken it’s told only in a few months. Of course I have not done the meat and dairy consistently, but I do notice a difference when I do.

My decision is now going back what I know works and what helps me to better impact my life and the lives of others. How am going to help others, when I’m not doing the work. I am pushing myself to get back up as I know this Plant Based Diet works only if I stay committed and work it.

Tomorrow’s breakfast, packed and ready to go.

Because I am out of Greens, I will be adding in my leafy greens to this. Today marks a new day. So if you’ve fallen off the wagon, get right back on it and try again.

Til next time be encouraged to press forward.

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