Essential Oils Healing properties

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Peppermint Oil

Invigorates and enlivens the senses

Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing.

Soothes the occasional upset stomach and promotes digestive health.

Helps support healthy respiratory function.

Support the body’s natural antioxidants defenses.

Provides protection against environmental and seasonal threats.

Provides a cooling, invigorating vapor

Minimizes the effects of seasonal threats

Promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.

Helps lesson tension

Produces relaxing effects

Provides targeted soothing comfort

Provides the body with powerful antioxidants.

Holds significant immune boosting properties

Can support healthy digestion and respiratory function.

Support healthy respiratory function

Powerful cleansing and digestive benefits

Uplifting and energizing properties that help improve mood.

Soothing for the skin

Reduces anxious feelings or feelings of tension

Provides relaxing qualities that can help promote a peaceful sleep.

Support a healthy immune system

Provides reinforcing and rejuvenating benefits for the hair, skin, and fingernails.

Uses cleansing properties to protect against environmental and seasonal threats.

Helps maintain healthy cellar function*

Soothes skin while reducing the appearance of imperfection.

Promotes peaceful, relaxing, and satisfied feelings of overall wellness.