Plant Based Power News Letter

Plant Based Power News Letter


Falling off the Wagon, Trying again.

Confession Time…

As a Health and Wellness Coach, it is hard to even say that I fell off the wagon. I’m talking, meat, dairy and junk food. I did this for two days straight. Man, times were hard and real.

I am just getting back on track today. Getting back to running and back to the Plant Based Lifestyle. Occasionally we all do fall off the wagon, but it’s getting back up to try again.

Here we have brown rice, topped with sweet potatoes, steamed cabbage, tomatoes, avocado black beans. Sauces, are Tahini Sauce, and Coconut Aminos.

🥑 🍅 🥬

We fall off we get back up and try again, it’s ok. The point is you get back up. Push yourself to be the better you…

Until Next Time…

Who are we doing this for.

Today I had the privileged, of meeting a nice woman wanting to get back physical shape.  I explained to her what I do and how I can help her to reach her physical fitness goals. While explaining I told her this is no easy thing to do.  This takes hard work, discipline, of course dedication.  I also asked her what is her reason wanting to get back on track?  Her answer was priceless.  (Her Children).  This made me indeed smile, and remember this was one of the reasons I started doing this Health Coaching.

Everyone is busy with a million things to do now a-days.  However, taking the time to prepared a home cooked meal can benefit us nutritionally as well as mentally.  Coming home from work, and stopping to get fast food is so easy and convenient.  We just drive up to a restaurant, (not even park the car, but drive through) order our food talking into a speaker, then drive to the next window to get our meal or the evening.  Here is a few photos to get a clear understanding on what we actually do.

While sitting in a car, we order our food, we pay, and it’s brought to our car, and then we drive home, to then feed our families.  Fast Food is one of the number one causes of death in the US.  I say this because 90 percent of our health issues come from what we eat.   Not that is not okay to eat out once and a while.  At least park and get out of the car, and go inside.

P.S. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s etc, is not considered food.

When you make the time to prepare a meal for your family several things take place.

  1. We spend time with your children preparing the meal.
  2. It becomes a teachable moment for us as well as them.
  3. This encourages discipline, and shows your child (children) the responsibilities of caring for a family and all that it takes.
  4. This also helps you to appreciate the work you put into preparing the meal.

Since this blog is named Plant Based Power, I do promote the Plant Based Lifestyle as a means to combat diseases like diabetes, and other cardiovascular health issues. We promote when shopping starting in the produce section, as you see the multiple colors of fruits and vegetables.  We recommend spending most of your store experience there.

Why are we doing all this anyway?  We are doing this to better our health and preserve our future, by teaching our kids to do the same.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

If We Build It, Will they Come?

If you had an opportunity to be a part of making history by helping people to be a better version of themselves, would you take it?

As I contemplate the answer to this question for me, I’d going to immediately say (absol -friken lutly)…no question.

Follow-up question, if you were limited in what you can tell people, because of legality reasons, would you accept the rules? This one for me is hard to answer. As all of us have had to make a decision this or at least similar to it.

Although all our answers will be different to these questions, we are pretty much facing life together, so we might as well make the best of what we have and enjoy life to the fullest.

This is why I am proposing, to all Health and Wellness Coaches to come together to help our communities. Especially those dealing with health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. There is a record number of people dealing with these health issues, and they need better than just being proscribed a pill.

I will leave you with this thought. If we Build it, (A community of thriving healthy people) Will they come?

Let’s Talk Family

Processed foods were introduced in the 1940s. Prior to that families raised their own animals and grew their own fruits and vegetables.

Getting back in touch with the soil growing our own fruits and vegetables, is a great way to survive the mess are in right now.

With Diabetes and Heart Diseases on the rise it’s time for us to start fighting back. We can start by taking the initiative to make better food choices. As I do know that everyone won’t completely give up meat and dairy as I have, but at least acknowledge there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

We are utterly surrounded by Fast Food places and we can’t get away from them. I do understand that it’s convenient and it’s easier to just grab something for dinner on the way home, or for breakfast on the way to work.

We have to start taking responsibility for our health. If we don’t who will.

Until Next time😀