By Our Own Hand…

One of the leading diseases that caused by poor diet is CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease. This is where the kidneys begin to either function poorly or fail entirely. This is when a kidney transplant needs to be done.

To properly understand the kidneys and their function, let’s start with what they are used for.

The kidneys perform many crucial functions, including: maintaining overall fluid balance. regulating and filtering minerals from blood. filtering waste materials from food, medications, and toxic substances.

By definition, this is an important part of the body we need in order to function. It only makes perfect sense that we put good fuel in our bodies keep them functioning properly.

  • There is an old saying that has been passed down from generation to generation that goes as follows. My parents had diabetes or high blood pressure, so that means I’m going to get it. Or it runs in my family… There are several things that we can take that have been passed down from one family member to another.


  • Eye color or shape
  • Body shape (to an extent)
  • Hair color
  • Genetic makeup

Things we should not see as it was passed to me are things like diseases.

Yes there may be a “pre-disposition”, but overall this is a behavioral change that needs to happen. Instead of eating the fast foods, fried foods, junk food, processed foods.

What if you decided to change these things and make healthier food choices, like fruits, vegetables, and water. (Regular Water).

This will not only change your outcome, but as you feed your children this way you are helping them to make better choices, and changing the way the previous generation did things.

Growing up, my family cooked with a lot of oil, fried foods, a ton of eggs etc…The product of this led to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.

It’s critical to teach this next generation the importance of healthier food choices, and we won’t need the medication as we age.

We all know according to these major companies, the money is not in the cure, but’s it in the medicine. Which they will keep you coming back for more, giving these companies power over your life and the lives of your loved ones. Let’s help educate people on changing their perspective on eating a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. What a life changing experience.

Till next time, be blessed

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The Real Me…

The Real Me…

In life we all face health challenges and setbacks. Some major, some minor. What’s most important that we learn to build on it and go beyond the challenges.

This man, though he has not been a part of my life all my life. Getting to know him as an adult has been truly an honor. The more I learn the more I realize I was named Jr for a reason.

There is nothing like a man finding out who he really is from his father. Where he gets his, mannerisms, his worries, his fears, doubts and his work ethics.

This is more than Plant Based Lifestyle, this is Living a life of purpose and encouraging others, like parents and family/friends to do the same.

The Real Me

  • Presses forward
  • Works on weaknesses, by building strengths
  • Forces myself to do better.
  • Not giving up, even with a fight.
  • Determined to keep going.

I’ll end with this, The only Commandment with a promise of extended life. Honor your Father and Mother.

Be encouraged…😀

The Next Best Craze…

Restaurants are jumping on the Bandwagon with this Plant Based Initiative. Though I understand the point in trying to cater to Vegans/Plant Based People, however could this be doing possibly more harm than good?

Let’s compare Shall we?

Regular Boxed Processed foods vs Vegan Processed food.

Regular Boxed first

  • High in Sodium
  • High Calorie Count
  • Typically heated in a microwave, and then served.

Vegan Processed Foods.

  • A little lower in Sodium (depends on what)
  • Still Processed

This option may be a little better for you, but still Processed.

The Plant Based Initiative is to get people to reduce or eliminate their meat and dairy intake, and increase their fruit, vegetables and water intake.

I understand the latest craze, of Veganism but we have to be smarter about this. This food is grown in a laboratory so we do have to be careful with what we’re eating as far as vegan products.

The best practice is to each the Whole Plant Based Foods.

Stay off the craze train…

The Simple Life…

It’s seems we are too far gone to get back to the simple life; Agriculture. Growing your own food and raising your own animals. Though hard work, this life has a more meaningful sense of worth.

I met someone today, who is moving to North Carolina, to a community where they don’t use money as all, but rather use the barter system.

This sounds like a wonderful concept, however this would have to be done with people you can trust and also like to at least some existent. After all, you are neighbors to this person. They are indebted to you as they will be indebted to them. The idea is to build trusted relationships with people whom you can trust to stick to the bartering system. Otherwise it will not work.

Agriculturally Speaking this is a great idea, and if done correctly can make a world of difference. The drawback to this is of course, when stuff does hit the fan. The people who chose not to prepare they will try and come for what you have.

Growing your own vegetables and raising your own animals, to me is the way to go.

Little House on the Prairie…

Of course aside from the fact they didn’t live as long. I’ll take the simple life.