School is Back in Session

As our kids head back to school (to include Homeschool). There are some things we need to be aware of this year. What can we give our kids to eat as they go and receive their education.

I will actually start with the Not List

    Potato Chips
    Fried Foods

The Do List





Carrot sticks

Basically a Plant Based Lifestyle, is the best way to keep our children focused and ready for the school year. Eating the processed foods that like fried fast foods, leave us drained and zaps our energy. Let’s set our children up for success, as this will give them better focus throughout the school year.

Here’s what ours and our children’s lunch box should look like.

Have a Happy and Safe School Year

Determined to Win

Running is an essential part of my life. It’s freeing, invigorating, and just plain fun. I use the Nike Run Club, app with mostly Coach Bennett as a motivational NRC Head Coach. He helps me to stay determined and motivated to finish the run strong.

Here is my most recent run I did today.

This is of course accompanied by a well balanced Plant Based Lifestyle. The majority of our food intake should come from plants. This gives me the ability to run this way. It also motivates me to keep it up.

What inspires you to keep up the work you are doing to lose the weight, or improve your overall health? Whatever it may be don’t give up, keep on pushing.

Until next time, Be Encouraged😀

Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There.

Every great athlete didn’t win by giving up after the first loss. Otherwise they wouldn’t be called great. They kept trying, and trying and eventually beat the odds, winning the goal.

I’d like to think of myself as a athlete. It makes sense perfect sense, I’m strong, I have endurance, I don’t give up easily etc…

Having a goal to change your health starts with you saying No to defeat and yes to victory. You can stop the midnight snacking or the processed foods we all know and love and instead go full throttle and eat the celery and peanut butter (even add raisins), Ants on a log.

Going on that mile run or even a two mile run, and crushing it. I’m going, whose with me?

You have everything it takes to win your health back, so go for it. I’ll see you out there…

Don’t meet me there, Beat me there…


Encourage Yourself

As A Health and Wellness Coach, I’ve learned that we need to encourage ourselves to do better. It starts and ends with you making a decision to get out of bed and make something healthy to eat and/or go for a run in the morning. We have to be determined to make every effort do this daily. Focus on what your eating habits and exercise goals are and try your best to meet those goals.

I’ve also learned that giving up is not an option. We keep pressing forward to become a better version of us. The next time we feel like giving up, (At least this is what I do). I think of a person who is unable to do anything for themselves and immediately become grateful that I still have use of my limbs, and I’m able to make conscious decisions about life’s choices.

From what I can eat, to which way am I running today? Of course we all need someone to help motivate us, but there is no greater Coach for you, than you. Because you are the one making the effort to keep trying.

Be encouraged and never give-up…😀

When we lose our way

When we fall off the wagon, what makes you get back up and start again?  There are many motivations that make us want to keep trying especially after a hard fall.  My motivation is my family.  Seeing them healthy makes me glad to keep going and press forward to keeping up with my health.

For all my followers out there… Drop me a line on what motivates you to keep going.

Make sure to use my site and not Facebook…


All Talk, New Action

Today I am faced with a decision to impact the life of family in a positive light. In previous posts, I’ve talked about how important is to help those older than us see the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.

It is now time for action. I am moving my family to be closer to family that is having health issues. This process starts at home. Of course this is a tough decision as I like where we live, but our family needs us.

Of course we could hire a bunch of help to get them the care they need, but that costs a fortune and who can afford that?

I say all this to say. If you have an opportunity to be a part of something great like raising your children around their grandparents, which they won’t always have, then do it. We are trying to raise our children the classic way.

What does this have to do with Plant Based Living? Everything! We are helping others by changing their lives for the better. It’s not all about us…

Until Next Time Be Blessed😀